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JAGUAR MARK X - 420G 4.2 L
1966    10477 km    € 17 900
El Cajon    CA
Description complète en bas de page
1966 Jaguar Mark X

Here is a is a very cool 66 Jaguar Mark X (10) that is just as nice as it gets.

This is just a sweet car. This is a rare car and one that you just don't see everyday. This is a beautiful car and a nice driver. It has the big 4.2L Straight 6 engine that is a very torque motor and has quite a bit of power. This car has the factory push button start and fires right up. It has a slightly high idle that I believe is just the float needed to be adjusted right. This is an older classic car that I'm sure it going to need a tune up to be running up to peak performance. The car is very fun to drive and it gets more looks driving down the road then you could imagine. Everyone wants to talk to you about this car. The car shows 16K on the odometer and as much as I would like to say they are original which is believable I will just say that they have rolled over once. Under the hood and undercarriage are clean and dry as can be.

The exterior of this car is beautiful. It is a lighter blue in color which looks great on this car. The paint is very nice and has a nice shine to it. The car looks to have been painted at some point and they did a very good job and it has held up great except for a couple spots where the clear coat is faded. There is a few little scratches and chips here and there but the car looks great. The lines on this car or lack of really set this car apart. This is the biggest car that Jaguar made at the time. This was the last year of the Mark X before they switched to a 420G. There is a lot of chrome on the car and it all looks great and just shines in the sun. The factory wheel covers are also chrome and in very good condition and look great on the car. The tires are a nice white wall tire but do have signs of dry rot and should probably be replaced soon.


Automatic Transmission

4.2L Straight 6

Power Windows

Factory A/C

Factory Radio

Aftermarket CD Player


Rear Seat Tray Tables w/ Mirrors

The interior is just amazing on this car. It has the white leather seats that are in about as good of condition that you will see in a car like this. They show almost no wear and don't really look like they were ever sat in that much. The carpets are also very nice and in great condition and show very little wear. It has all of the real wood grain trim on the dash and on the tops of the door panels. It is all very nice and in good condition. This car has all the power options and they all seem to work. It has the huge trunk mounted A/C unit that is very cool along with power windows. The back of the front seats has fold out tray tables with built in mirrors for the passengers riding in the back. They turned a lot of these cars into Limo's. This is a one of a kind car that you won't see another one like.

This is a very cool car but is not perfect and will need a few little things. This car is not far away from being in shows or something like that.

I took pictures of every detail of this car so you can get the full picture and know exactly what you are getting. If there is any other questions or any other pictures you would like please let us know.
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